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 What started as a way for me to find food while cruising  exploded into a huge list of restaurants with docks! It's all free nothing to buy, no upgrades, no memberships, just food!

 My wife and I have a love for being out on the water. For many years we would load up our cuddy cabin and drag it all over the midwest. In the summer of 2020 we found a trawler with a floor plan that met the needs of our family and moved it to Foxhaven Marina. 

 One of the early challenges I faced was finding a restaurant while underway, as we can't cook in Lake Erie chop! I started by looking at Google Earth and searching the shoreline for restaurants with docks. I would put what I found into my phone making it easy to find something on the fly.

Well, it got to be too big to search on my phone.  We then started a Facebook Page that linked to a Google Doc for ease of searching....this was very well received by the boating community and provided the encouragement to expand the lists.  I hope the new webpage will offer another level of ease in finding places to Dock and Dine.

                      We started in western Lake Erie, It's going to take some time to work our way around the loop......

                                     Let them know you found it on Dock and Dine!

Port Clinton

2737 North East Catawba Road

Port Clinton, Ohio 43453 U.S.A.

Always Open
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