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Harbor House Bar and Grill, Huron Ohio, Lake Erie

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Harbor House Bar and Grill 1-419-616-6088

132 Main Street

Huron, Ohio 44839

Docks, Large

I know, Its says "Old Plat" on the building but its Harbor House Bar and Grill. I had to steel my nieces photo of it, thanks Katelyn!

This trip was an off day for me. I forgot to get pictures of the dock, patio, and our meal before we started to eat.....ugggg

Port Huron Ohio is 22.3 miles from our slip, thats 3 hours by trawler. We could have not asked for a better day on the lake. It was partly cloudy with waves 1 foot or less, light winds and little traffic. Half pint was so bored he fell asleep at the helm with his head on the side rail.

Aside from our stunning lake, my excitement was a sail boat that was jockeying to get to the harbor mouth before us but the wind stalled out, they dropped the main and started the engine, I knew we would overtake them after an hour! Our only tense moment was navigating a poorly marked nets with dark floats.

Harbor house is on the west side of the harbor just as the river opens up for a turning basin to the east. The docks are substantial, but low, with heavy duty cleats. We got Summertime IV tied up with the assistance of a couple bar patrons finishing a drink on the patio. Unfortunately the tabbed out before I got the chance to buy them a round.

To get seated, head over to the hostess stand, it is on the far side of the patio closest to the hotel north of the cantina bar.

It was a warm day and we just spent 3 hours going with the wind so we sat inside to cool off for a bit. Its a nice "bar" atmosphere inside with plenty of TV to keep up on the games.

Erin greeted us and took our drink order. We didn't try anything fun, gin and tonic for Capt'N and water for Half Pint and myself.

Capt'N ordered the Santa Fe Salad for lunch. This salad is HUGE! Lots of shredded grilled chicken breast, handful of Fritos, tasty corn salsa, on a bed of crisp mixed greens!

Half Pint saw the pirogies on the menu and immediately knew what he's was having! Unfortunately, He has only had boiled pirogies, they serve them fried and he's a super picky eater. They are very good but not his cup of tea(I had to taste a few, geez I ate too much). He did eat the sausage and some of the fries.

I had a Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Sweet Mary, It was GOOD! I wish I would had taken a side shot before I started shoveling it in my face! Crispy fried chicken breast dipped in hot sauce with more hot sauce on top! NOMNOMNOMNOM!!!

The side sweet potato waffle fries were delightful! I made a combination of mustard and tobacco to dip them in. Sweet, tangy, and hot, YUMMM!

I wish we had more time to explore Huron Ohio but this was a one day trip. We will plan to spend the night next year and explore the area. There is a sheltered bay just west of the harbor entrance that the locals raft up and swim in. I'm thinking we can spend the day in Huron and put Summertime IV on the hook for the night here. Plus, one of my 5 favorite nieces lives nearby!

We will be back! Great food! Great Staff! Great Docks! With so many boaters on the water, get out there and support your local restaurants!

As always, be nice, we all have staffing shortages. Tip your waitstaff, bartenders, dockhands, and buy a round for the folks that help you get tied up!

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