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Quaker Steak and Lube, Vermillion Ohio, Lake Erie

Quaker Steak and Lube 1-440-967-3724

5150 Liberty Street

Vermilion, Ohio 44089

Docks, Large, Additional docking at Vermilion Power Boats 1-440-967-4100

We got off to an early start to the day knowing it would be a long one. Our goal was to take Summertime IV from West Harbor to Vermilion, get a late lunch, and head back. Ha!

I had been watching the forecast closely as we were to family with us that didn't care for a lot of rocking. Unfortunately they had to cancel the morning of. The forecast all week had been 1 foot or less and even as we cast off it was 2 foot or less. The windsock said otherwise, 10-15 out of the NNE, HA!

Summertime IV has a B rating for open water so I said what the heck.

I normally get very seasick but took the Dramamine and used the Seabands. While I still felt it, it was managable.

Vermilion has a very nice water front flanked by quaint homes and manicured lawns. The river is not very wide but more that enough to turn a 40' with traffic passing by. Quaker Steak in on the port side just past the first bend(<1/2 mile). They have docks for about three 40' boats against the uprights or 9 power boats rafted up. Next door is Vermilion Power Boats, They offer 4 hour or overnight with power and water.

As with all the dock we've been to, several folks got up to assist us in getting the bow and stern lines secured.

The upper restaurant and patio offer a birds eye view of the river.

The lower bar and patio has a view of the boats.

Capt'N and I had Buffalo chicken Salads and Half Pint had Mac-n-Cheese. Normally I would have gone for wings but after swaying for 4 hours, something light was a better option. All in all, the food was good and the staff were friendly. The restaurant is clean and the dock is robust and well kept.

We are all short staffed and now having shortages in product. Be nice and tip well, we want to see everyone back again next season.

After a nice meal and a bit of walking on the waterfront we started up a headed home. The trip back was a bit smoother as the winds had subsided and we had a gentle following sea. After 10 hours we could see the mouth of West Harbor. Being a nice evening we set anchor at East Harbor State Park Beach and let Half Pint swim till dusk.

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