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Tackle Box 2, Sandusky River, Fremont, Ohio

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Tackle Box Two 1-419-334-4643

420 Sandusky Avenue

Fremont, Ohio 43420


Tackle Box 2, Fremont Ohio

Capt’n and I got the about 1230 on Friday and there was already a 40 minute wait! We waited with the folks seated in a makeshift waiting area that was clearly once dining space. The walls, floor, and ceilings are covered in whimsy so the time flew by as we looked and commented about everything.

We were seated at the bar and our bartender Jason was prompt with the drinks. “We do not serve tequila by the shot” was in bold type on the bottom of the drink menu. The food menu has some good diversity was a great selection of seafood and fish.

Capt’n and I split half pound Cocktail Shrimp and the One Pound Perch Dinner. The Cocktail Shrimp was served over ice with a zesty cocktail sauce. The highlight was the mountain of hot crispy perch served over a generous mount of home cut fries!

All in all a great meal in a really fun atmosphere, we won’t hesitate to come back!

Note, the entrance to the Fremont River, from Sandusky Bay is shallow, to shallow for me to bring our trawler through comfortably. However the river is said to be 10’ plus.

As most of us in the service industry are aware of, there is a massive shortage of staff. Be patience and understanding!

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